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Resign the entire,. zoo.

Americas roman pharisaical KaBALisT secret societied zionist infested government,. is entirely,. a failure. Impeach yourselfs. Resign.. the entire,. damned,. zoo. The ark is full of,. holes. SUnk. Advertisements

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oh n,.. by the way,. if i ever tell ya

oh n,.. by the way,. if i ever tell ya,. oR,. it,. so u n Ds to zombie you, as though im saying i am,. talking to god,. or,. worse yet,. god.. is talking to me? well,.. of course.. Im … Continue reading

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There is only,. ONE one.

There is only ONE,. ONE. It is the spirit upon each soul,. the natural order aether and your living vessel interaction this,. NATURAL ORDER – connection flourishing,. are the basic rules they are what allow ONE to see The WAY … Continue reading

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so what your saying is

so what your saying is,. this universe creator,. some call goD who gifted ALL to LIFE created a fallen imperfect creation bound to,. death? ******** LiFe,. iS the GiFT! ******** LiFe,. is the GiFT.. until vessel expired, or NON man … Continue reading

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grounded truths

Too bad we ALL are not groomed on the literacy of connected freeing TRUTHS To each their originality would flourish

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Truth Standing Obvious

Truth has no need to,. holler yell and lie. Standing obvious,. connected.. grounded.. to life.

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i love you

What good is the flesh? It happens to be the,. vehicle,. this that gifts all to life,. some call god,. has given,. to each free soul,. that it may unveil truths,. the energy that cause ALL life to flourish eternal … Continue reading

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